IPV’s men are willing to prepare this event.


   International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women and honor the dedicated role and importance of women in society, uphold the right to gender equality and honor the women in the new generation.

            For the First Time, 3 years after its establishment, INOAC POLYMER VIETNAM CO.,LTD celebrated The International Women’s day .
Therefore in 6-3-2016 IPV’s Board of Directors and Union celebrated “GOLD HAND EVENT” for all company employees. This event have attracted all member joined (31 persons).
IPV’s men are willing to prepare this event.


            The meal is very important for a happy family, and almost always the woman is the chief cook of the family. However on International Women’s Day, the men were the chief cooks and the women were supporters. They prepared and cooked a delicious, healthy and beautiful dish as a gift for all women on this special day.
             All employees joined this event with a happy, peaceful and helpful spirit.
             Each of the teams had the chance to communicate and share the work and make an excellent dish together. It’s also facilitated to give all employees a closer relationship.
             All excellent dishes were completed by the men
             After 40 minutes, with the finesse of all chief cooks, all excellent dished were completed. One factor to make the interesting dish is meaningful an funny presentation.
             After this event we received some opinion from women worker that they feel so fun and happy because company have celebrated this event. They feel the attention of company about their life as their spirit. They thought company featured what they have done and they will continued work hard and contribute to develop sustainable Company. In the work, they have a lot of problem and misunderstanding and this event is the chance for them to share their thinking and
dispel all misunderstandings.
            Regarding the men, They feel the drudge and important of all the mothers, wife, sister or all the women in the life. They will support the women not only in work but also in the life to facilitate they can luminescent their capabilities.
This event finished in the joyful and happiness of all member. This event have made a funny and comfortable seminar for all member after hard working time, beside that can make relationship between all member in our company more closer.
             This event is not only the chance to show the talent but also improve solidarity. Then towards striving to complete outstanding tasks assigned to them in 2016.