Product outline
Soft polyurethane foam has high elasticity and moderate hardness, and is lightweight. This product is used as a cushioning material in a wide range of applications. It is possible to adjust the hardness and density. Particularly, “Colorfoam” is soft and only slightly susceptible to settling, and is widely used as a cushioning material for furniture etc.
Colorfoam・・Polyether-based polyurethane foam
Moltopren・・Polyether-based polyurethane foam
[ Material ]         Urethane
[ Functions ]      Thermal insulation properties, shock absorption properties, cushioning elasticity,                               sealing properties, sound absorption properties, and flame lamination properties
[ Technologies ] Basic technology and foaming technology


Colorfoam(Polyether-based substance)
1)This material is lightweight, and has high physical strengths including tensile strength.
2)This product has excellent cushioning properties.
3)This material is chemically stable in water.
4)This product has excellent chemical resistance.
5)A wide assortment of hardness, densities, and coloring are available, and a variety of secondary processing methods can be selected.

Moltopren(Polyester-based substance)
1)Physical strength is even higher than that of Colorfoam.
2)This material has excellent sound absorption properties.
3)This product has excellent oil/heat/solvent resistance.