Flame Retardant

Flame retardant grade to use in wide range of product.


 Products Material Description Function Material
PORON Polyurethane Foam Flame retardant cushion with UL  HBF CH, MX , ML, MS, MH , SRU
NanNex Silicone foam Good cushioning silicone foam with UL V-0 TL
Basotect Melamine foam Light and soft melamine foam with UL  V-0 V3012, G, W
PE-Z Polyolefin foam Polyolefin base material with UL  HF-1 LD 24FR , LD 33 FM
Cell Damper Polyurethane Foam High density PU foam with soft , medium & hard hardness with UL  HBF BF-150, BF-300, BF-500, BF-700