Product outline

MOLTOFILTER is a polyurethane foam filter with a complete open cell structure realized by special treatment. The MF Series consists of polyester-based polyurethane foam and the CF Series consists of polyether-based polyurethane foam.

[ Material ] Urethane
[ Intended use ] Transportation equipment, industrial machinery, office electronic equipment, precision machinery, furniture, apparel, household electrical appliances, acoustic products, cosmetic and sanitary products, daily commodities, and materials for agricultural and fishery industries.
[ Technology ] Special treatment



1)Superior filtration performance
Due to polyurethane foam’s 3D cell structure, high porosity, and complete open-cell structure, it is possible to obtain high dust collection rates with low pressure losses and to achieve superior filtration performance.
2)It is possible to select cell sizes depending on intended use.
Uniform size cells with mirrors completely removed are available, and a wide range of cell sizes from 8 to 70 pieces /25 mm are offered.
3)Superior chemical properties such as chemical resistance
MF Series is intended for applications that require oil resistance, and CF Series is intended for applications that require watertightness (moist heat aging resistance).
4)Easy processing
Similarly to the case of standard COLORFOAM and MOLTOPREN, products, it is possible to perform complicated processing, not only by carrying out general processing such as slicing, vertical cutting, and die cutting, but also by utilizing special equipment.
5)It is possible to perform washing and recycling by means of water and neutral detergent.